A.I. Designed this Car

Avaldati 13 okt 2020
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For well over a century, cars, trucks, and SUV’s have been manufactured and built in the same fashion. Today, though, there’s a company that’s doing things a bit different. The Czinger 21C is one of the most impressive vehicles ever built. Even more impressive than the car, though, is how the car gets designed and made. We’re going to take a look at how artificial intelligence, with the help of 3D printing, may change the entire automotive industry, and how a small team in California could make it happen sooner than you think.
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  • Roy McDre

    Roy McDre

    9 minutit tagasi

    As a machinist .004 is fucking MASSIVE!!

  • Dave Brown

    Dave Brown

    22 minutit tagasi

    More quicker now now now "2050 car manufacturering" all robot and computer made leaving another generation without jobs, hay futures bright hook me up to the matrix its got to be better than reality atm

  • Abid Malik

    Abid Malik

    26 minutit tagasi

    They tuk ouuur jubs!

  • ryanizer11


    30 minutit tagasi

    Wouldn’t it being impossible for people to build without a computer curious whether that makes the car almost unrepairable without sending back to the maker

  • Shlaboza


    43 minutit tagasi

    wouldnt this make cars way cheaper

  • Lindal Edmondson

    Lindal Edmondson

    45 minutit tagasi

    A I. Ready to completely design a sport car? Yeah I got a bridge to sell you too! Never heard more BS with virtually no real proof of application in my life. Lol

  • Bullseye Products 4x4 Australia

    Bullseye Products 4x4 Australia

    50 minutit tagasi

    Lmao.. 1900's < 2020's.. it was Mechanic's V Engineer's.. And we thought that was fun!!
    Now this !!.. Fk this shit.. fix your own damn car :-)

  • Felix Gläßner

    Felix Gläßner

    53 minutit tagasi

    Is it actually that important that it is manufactured 'all american'?

  • foopyu nooui

    foopyu nooui

    Tund tagasi

    will probably hate the design.

  • Lifes a Wild Ride

    Lifes a Wild Ride

    Tund tagasi

    Once the robots figure out that they can make a more efficient machine by deleting the human ratio out... they gonna exterminate all human. Thanks skynet

  • Stephen P

    Stephen P

    Tund tagasi

    Listening to ear buds while you drive a car not a good promotional selling point LMAO

  • Logan Dietsch

    Logan Dietsch

    Tund tagasi

    Why am I scared

  • Pig Monkey

    Pig Monkey

    Tund tagasi

    Ads before the video starts.... shitty sponsored ad at the beginning.... more ads in the middle...

    • foopyu nooui

      foopyu nooui

      59 minutit tagasi

      liquids like lubrication powertrain and gas lines, and basically every other electronic components.

  • Drake147


    Tund tagasi

    This technology could be useful for volume production cars in order to produce more using less energy and money. But I doubt people would stop designing and building cars by hand since human made cars always have the most character

  • Edd M

    Edd M

    Tund tagasi

    I remember watching a ted talk about this

  • Marshall Yeung

    Marshall Yeung

    Tund tagasi

    one major problem people are overlooking the way they designed this car to save materials means this car would be a pain to repair

  • lerlo


    Tund tagasi

    It's gonna be a failure because its not electric...

  • Liam S

    Liam S

    Tund tagasi

    As someone going to college for car design, the opening of this video did scare me🤣

  • GloomGaiGar


    Tund tagasi

    So this is what an AI thinks most of humanity wants as a car? What did they hook up it to learn from? The Stig?

  • Spyder Man

    Spyder Man

    Tund tagasi

    Control arm looks like bone anatomy, crazy

  • Donn Lowel

    Donn Lowel

    2 tundi tagasi

    We humans are smarter than anything in this world... we just become lazy and complaisant. We just ask someone to do our work for us. So now we are doomed, now A.I are taking our job. We are going to be extinct soon than we know.

  • Chris Spivey

    Chris Spivey

    2 tundi tagasi

    497 million smackeroonies! That’s a whole lotta turburs! Maybe we can get that Miata over 120 hrsprs 🤞🏻

  • Daniel S

    Daniel S

    2 tundi tagasi

    would u download and print a car???

  • Thirtythree Eyes

    Thirtythree Eyes

    2 tundi tagasi

    Why did they show cast parts when talking about subtractive manufacturing? Also 3D printing does use extra material it's called supports you can't print a part floating in the air.

  • Isbandiyah M. TH

    Isbandiyah M. TH

    2 tundi tagasi

    Fuck this..it will never reach Koenigsegg level witch innovates things that wasn't there yet..Your A.I. can't do that and hands are still more precise and sensitive..

  • aca1193


    2 tundi tagasi

    Man, this content is beyond outstanding. Keep up the great work!

  • Ruwaine Dan

    Ruwaine Dan

    2 tundi tagasi

    How many things can you really 3D print?
    Surely most components you'd still need to buy from suppliers like the starter, alternator, radiator, windshields, seats, steering wheels, wiring harness, firewall and felt insulations, instrument panels, junction boxes, ECUs, steering columns, shock absorbers and coil springs, air conditioning units, tubing for all liquids like lubrication powertrain and gas lines, and basically every other electronic components.

  • Cpt.Khristian Efren Gillespie SuperGamingGamers

    Cpt.Khristian Efren Gillespie SuperGamingGamers

    2 tundi tagasi

    This changed automobile industry over night.

  • Mark Doug

    Mark Doug

    2 tundi tagasi

    Vw printed a engine block I belive it took 300 hours for the block to print.

  • Alan Herrera

    Alan Herrera

    2 tundi tagasi

    The structure looks very futuristic tho ...

  • Hugo Canizales

    Hugo Canizales

    2 tundi tagasi

    Tesla in the near future.

  • OdiousTea


    2 tundi tagasi

    Strong Baby Driver vibes in the Raycon ad.

  • Ivan 23 Caravantes

    Ivan 23 Caravantes

    3 tundi tagasi

    So what you are saying is that soon we will all be buying a car from a 3d printer. But since we all can't design our own car or program it into the 3d printer... the ones that can do that will be selling their's for us to use as a one time thing for profit. Wow.

  • Thatairplaneguy


    3 tundi tagasi

    But an AI never had to turn a wrench. An AI doesn’t have to work on them.
    Being a mechanic, I despise engineers and now I despise AI.

  • Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter

    3 tundi tagasi

    That's frikkennnn wilddddd🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Tyler Haskell

    Tyler Haskell

    3 tundi tagasi

    Damn VW that big but still doesn’t make a reliable car

  • Fox Dope

    Fox Dope

    3 tundi tagasi

    Dude you almost look alike that Character from Detroit become human

  • Sweet Revenge52

    Sweet Revenge52

    3 tundi tagasi


  • eric williams

    eric williams

    3 tundi tagasi

    I understand computers starting to make cars for us and I can see in the corner of my eye Sarah Connor shaking her head

  • Slipsp ce

    Slipsp ce

    3 tundi tagasi

    For once, Its not immediately obvious who the thumb downs are from. Christians, or engineers.

  • Jack Ryan

    Jack Ryan

    3 tundi tagasi

    Looks amazing until it gets in a wreck or you have to work on it.

  • Mat Mackenzie

    Mat Mackenzie

    3 tundi tagasi

    So the manufacturing costs are reduced by $473,000,000...the R & D costs are virtually NIL...and overall human labour costs are practically nonexistent... Yet I would bet my bottom dollar that 99% of us will never afford one.
    Makes sense to me! 👎 Hope it comes with Vaseline 😲

  • kwasg3


    3 tundi tagasi

    Aaand skynet begins.....

  • Jagz Vlogs

    Jagz Vlogs

    3 tundi tagasi

    Space travel coming soon using ai ?? Wanna chase wow signal? Sir yes sir 😂



    3 tundi tagasi

    Ai puters took our jobs!😒

  • A.S. V.N

    A.S. V.N

    3 tundi tagasi

    I wanna dowload AE86 :v

  • LorD MugZ

    LorD MugZ

    3 tundi tagasi

    Imagine just printing any car part. Turbos, camshafts, shit a brand new motor and transmission. No way they'd let that happen. Would they?

  • kenchyu


    3 tundi tagasi

    looks like a hotwheels car

  • George H Gordy

    George H Gordy

    3 tundi tagasi

    United Artificial Intelligence Auto Workers Union demands. Faster processors. GDDR6 Memory & better hydraulic fluid... NOW!

  • Tyler severson

    Tyler severson

    4 tundi tagasi

    As lots pf people in industry believe, if your product relies on 3d printing for mass production then your product will fail. Even if traditional cost more to set up it will be displaced by the speed of manufacturing

  • DustinB855


    4 tundi tagasi

    Future gonna require a lot of engineers. 3d printing metals still needs a lot of progress tho they are weaker than cast parts currently.

  • Matthew Cruz

    Matthew Cruz

    4 tundi tagasi

    I will go download a car, piece by piece

  • 1littlelee


    4 tundi tagasi

    and people have to make all these robots/programs to work

  • T. E.

    T. E.

    4 tundi tagasi

    “Welcome to Kaslan car”

  • Hunter James

    Hunter James

    4 tundi tagasi

    Listening to laymen talking about this stuff is aggravating.
    They know enough to think they are right, but not enough to know they’re completely wrong.

  • HashtagSuckIt


    4 tundi tagasi

    Imagine flexing so hard you make Tesla look out of date

  • Vape Naysh Represent

    Vape Naysh Represent

    4 tundi tagasi

    What a crazy video

  • Fred Fred

    Fred Fred

    4 tundi tagasi

    I think one day this will just be an iPhone app which is why I also think the conflicts of the future will mostly be about material mines

  • CyBeRtRuCk


    4 tundi tagasi

    That’s what Tesla currently does plans to do big scale in future.

  • thejake98


    4 tundi tagasi

    What’s with all the orange in the video??

  • Rex montana

    Rex montana

    5 tundi tagasi

    Why he lookin so tan tho?

  • Sarmation Skorri

    Sarmation Skorri

    5 tundi tagasi

    And when you have to have the oil changed you have to disassemble the whole car

  • Alexandros Rizos

    Alexandros Rizos

    5 tundi tagasi

    All-American 1250hp 🤣🤣🤣 You should check Spyros Panopoulos Automotive - Project Chaos All-Greek 3000hp 4.0-liter twin-turbo V10 engine 311 mph.....

  • Whitlon Joralemon

    Whitlon Joralemon

    5 tundi tagasi

    I enjoy the idea of custom cars, letting the user provide styling suggestions. What isn't here are innovative designs. 1.9 second 0-60 is the physical limit of tire resistance on the pavement. Adding something like a cold rocket (compressed air) jet at the rear, would give you propulsion that is separate from the tires and thus sub 1.9 second 0-60 is possible. New ways to route airflow, ala McLaren Senna which is amazing in it's first iteration or adding a 5th center wheel to improve traction (for example), I see a car here, a really good, light car, but just a car.

  • Brandon Weller

    Brandon Weller

    5 tundi tagasi

    Makes whole robotic futuristic car...engine?? V8 bayybeeee!!

  • Matthew L

    Matthew L

    5 tundi tagasi

    one large problem is the price, while the assembly may be cheaper, the current cost of metal additive manufacturing is still very high, so while it is great for complex shapes here and there, having that many components metal 3d printed will be very costly and also take a LOT of time as printing part the size of a beer bottle can take many hours and even over 24 hours depending on the specific machine. not to mention the initial cost of buying enough metal 3d printers to keep up with production. and having them outsourced would overall increase the price buy a TON in the long run if it were actually a car with thousands of models made. there is also the problem of size when it comes to the future of 3d printing as there are limits to how big (x and y axis) a part can be, mainly due to thermal expansion properties making large parts very hard to print. boeing is currently doing LARGE amounts of research into this though currently. And while additive manufacturing, especially in printing metals, ceramics, and composites are great, they are still relatively new and there is a lot of improvement that needs to be made for it to be liable for many areas of manufacturing, which hopefully it will soon. right now it is mainly used in highly advanced stuff like turbine parts, specialty parts, and prototyping due to cost restraints in the current technology of additive manufacturing.

  • Ryker Quackenbush

    Ryker Quackenbush

    5 tundi tagasi


  • Mr.Krabs


    5 tundi tagasi

    Is this Topology Optimization & KNN being labelled as AI ? ?

  • Aaron McConkey

    Aaron McConkey

    5 tundi tagasi

    I 100% support this!

  • Wilhelm Thiem

    Wilhelm Thiem

    5 tundi tagasi

    To many adds

  • Gautam ji

    Gautam ji

    5 tundi tagasi

    Mechanics should stop working on cars and start working on computers. Or they gonna start loosing their jobs.

  • Rod gar

    Rod gar

    5 tundi tagasi




    5 tundi tagasi

    This car and cars like it are going to make Xometry rich.

  • bangerino


    5 tundi tagasi

    Are we not gonna talk about the 2.88L TT V8?

  • Cristóbal Cárdenas

    Cristóbal Cárdenas

    5 tundi tagasi

    Nice episode, I liked George Mcfly talking about the future, probably he borrowed the delorean from Marty and drove to the future to see the 21C

  • mark peracullo

    mark peracullo

    5 tundi tagasi

    Next video:

  • Radiate FromHere

    Radiate FromHere

    5 tundi tagasi

    *Human*-designed and built AI designed car ;-)
    As a programmer (including AI) of 40+ years, I have to restrain the urge to slowly claw my hand down one side of my face every time he says "it just does it by itself".
    [and now.. back to debugging.... literally.. I have to quit procrastinating, and get back to it.... stop it youtube AI... wait.. what...]

  • Yonatan H.

    Yonatan H.

    5 tundi tagasi

    Why didn't he leave the print files in the description

  • Yonatan H.

    Yonatan H.

    5 tundi tagasi

    R u the same species as trump?

  • Tyler Broomhall

    Tyler Broomhall

    5 tundi tagasi

    it would be amazing if all of these manufacturing innovations end up lowering the price of the average car to less than 5k

  • Wayner !

    Wayner !

    5 tundi tagasi

    I take a break from Donut and come back to Marty’s dad as a host?! Wtf happened? Haha

  • Billy goat27

    Billy goat27

    5 tundi tagasi

    I hope they add this car to Forza Horizon 4/5

  • Wilko Solutions

    Wilko Solutions

    5 tundi tagasi

    Isnt it illegal to wear headphones while driving in some states?

  • Joseph Desarmenien

    Joseph Desarmenien

    6 tundi tagasi

    8:23 every boomer

  • Save the Rhino

    Save the Rhino

    6 tundi tagasi

    Trying to fix this thing would be a bitch. The more compact and efficient a construction usualy means when you need to reach something underneath, you'll need to disassemble the whole body panel, air cond, electrical or whatever parts the computer decide to efficiently put on top of your target parts.

  • William Sanders

    William Sanders

    6 tundi tagasi

    The AI is only as good as the coding put into it, humans will always be needed in car building, AI can’t see the exact car as it’s made to see when two things don’t work together or when there is a failure in how something is does, I would also like to see someone 3D print a engine and it not melt to pieces at 300°

  • iDie2 Game

    iDie2 Game

    6 tundi tagasi

    If anyone wants to buy me one....just let me know.

  • 303StreetMachines


    6 tundi tagasi

    Yeah but does it have a cup holder?

  • Chris Warren

    Chris Warren

    6 tundi tagasi

    If the product gets made cheaper with less work sho be cheaper cars right but better. Shit wears my beer

  • Andrew Meyers

    Andrew Meyers

    6 tundi tagasi

    I’m all for it however, what happens when a connection goes bad, or you have an accident and the computer builds everything all together like. It’s no longer a modular car. Your hooped right? Idk I love it but I see some possible problems. More than likely they are smarter than me tho so they probably got that handled, just a thought

  • chris bruni

    chris bruni

    6 tundi tagasi

    Dey Turk rrr yurbs!!!

  • Leonardo mella

    Leonardo mella

    6 tundi tagasi

    sure, a.i. designed a car with an fake exhaust tip.

  • Harry Obikili

    Harry Obikili

    6 tundi tagasi

    Watch Elon Musk buy this shit lol

  • binyamin ibnemjas

    binyamin ibnemjas

    6 tundi tagasi

    Add 😁👍

  • DeceptiveCobras


    6 tundi tagasi

    I have never seen a Man talk more shit next to Joe Biden, if you Love them so much why don't you just work for them. because hint.. if the robot arms make the Car who makes the Arms ? ??

  • Jason Lee

    Jason Lee

    6 tundi tagasi

    This is pretty cool, but I hope they put parameters that allow for reparability and accessibility. If all the designs are made with the most efficient usage of materials, I'm worried that the design of the vehicle will make the build soo precise and tight, any access to the vehicle's components (engine, wiring, exhaust, etc.) will be way more difficult than any other vehicle.

  • Kalijah Anderson

    Kalijah Anderson

    6 tundi tagasi

    Anti-piracy people, "You wouldn't download a car, would you?"
    These guys, "We 3D printed a hyper car."

  • Joe


    6 tundi tagasi

    Can we go 1 video without saying bespoke. its like you learned what it means and you gotta use it every chance you get

  • traitoR142


    7 tundi tagasi

    lol, am i supposed to believe that the established players don't utilize computers ? Talk about stupid.

  • GID7OB


    7 tundi tagasi

    Jermiah you suck!